The Best Toast Alternative is Foodchow

Top 10 reasons why you should use Foodchow instead of Toast

  • ✓ Advance Menus Panel
  • ✓ QR code Integration
  • ✓ Easy Table Reservation system
  • ✓ Free to use
  • ✓ Free Subdomain Website
  • ✓ User Friendly admin Panel

Foodchow Vs Toast

Detail Comparison on why Foodchow is best Alternative

Features Foodchow Toast
Price FREE 69 $ /month for core plan
Commission on sales 🗙 Yes, on Quick starter bundle plan
Limits on orders No limits No limits
Free Website Free subdomain website and no need to build website Hardware and software Provided
Menus Panel Advance menus listing with intuitive, user-friendly experience. It also offers multiple menu listings.
Marketplace It is a marketplace too 🗙
Admin Panel Easy to understand and control the admin panel.
White label Option It provides white label option where full system looks like your brand's ordering system 🗙
Contactless (QR code) Ordering
Photo Gallery 🗙
Restaurant Facilities setup Showcase restaurant's all facilities in Foodchow marketplace 🗙
Table Reservation Advance table reservation system
Takeaway ordering
Mobile app support
Third party Integration
Payment gateway integration
Real time coupon and Promotion Offers real time coupons and promotions
01 Right Price Point for Your Business

FoodChow offers free online ordering for cash transactions. However, they have different plans for accepting online payments. On the other hand, UpMenu does not offer any free plans, and their basic plan starts at $39 per month.

  • No commission on sales
  • No hidden charges
  • All features are free to use
02 No Limits on orders

FoodChow offers unlimited online order acceptance with its plan, meaning there are no restrictions on the number of orders you can receive. In contrast, UpMenu imposes order limits on its plans. Once you exceed the threshold, they apply an additional charge of $1.9 for each order.

  • Unlimited Orders
  • No Limits on order size
  • No extra charges
03 Free website Can Help You Reach More Customers

FoodChow provides a complimentary subdomain website and a webpage within their marketplace at no cost. While UpMenu offers a website builder that requires you to create and customize your restaurant's website using a drag-and-drop interface.

  • Free subdomain
  • Pre-build Website
  • No requirement of any technical skill
04 Marketplace Expands Your Customer Base

FoodChow provides a marketplace feature to enhance your restaurant's visibility and expand your customer reach, while UpMenu does not include a built-in marketplace.

  • Increase your popularity
  • Boost your sales
  • Reach more customers
05 White Label Option for Your Restaurant's Needs

FoodChow offers a white label feature that allows you to customize and brand their platform as your own. Whereas Upmenu doesn’t provide white label option.

  • Own your own brand's ordering system
  • Make your business looks Professional
  • Take your brand to global
06 Table Reservation

FoodChow offers an advanced table reservation system that enables customers to make reservations with specific time slots and table selections. On the other hand, UpMenu provides only a basic form for table reservations.

  • Real time table reservation
  • Quick reservation process
  • Allow customer to choose favourite table
07 Multiple Menus

FoodChow offers the ability to set up multiple menus for various occasions such as dine-in, takeaway, or special events. In contrast, UpMenu lacks the feature of multiple menus.

  • Set up Multiple Menu
  • Unique menus for dine-in and takeaway
  • Zero cost in changing Menus
08 Services that Toast don't offer
  • Photo Gallery:

    Utilize a photo gallery to effectively display and present your food products in an engaging way.

  • Dine in table Reservation

    Provide customers with the ability to make table reservations online.

  • Third partner deliver services:

    Seamlessly integrate your system with third-party delivery providers to expand your reach.

What our clients say


"Love the iPhone App provided by FoodChow Team. My customers are coming back and ordering consistently from the app developed for my restaurant. I am able to increase my sales by running promotion during quiet times. I will highly recommend to try FoodChow Risk Free Restaurant marketing system"


Restaurant Owner - Ms. Carrie

Pittsworth Chinese Restaurant - Australia


"I have seen improvement in my sales, new customers acquisition, positive feedback from my clients since I implemented online ordering solution and app for our business. We are looking forward to start exporting our sweets to clients across the world."


Restaurant Owner - Mr. Brij Mithaiwala

24 Carats Sweets - India


“We were seeking for a platform that would enable us to drive traffic to our shop and give customers access to our menu. We chose FoodChow's free listing option to service our customers because we weren't yet prepared to accept online orders. I can recommend that anyone looking to market their restaurant for free should include it on Foodchow.”


Restaurant Owner - Mr. GJ Singh

8848 mom house - Australia

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