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Refund Policy:

1) For Restaurant Owner:

IN case of payment did by mistake or in case of any payment related issues from Google Play Store or App Store, we are not entitled to refund any amount. If it’s very crucial and any genuine problem is seen in our system than we can look into it and resolve the issue or issue refund.

2) For Customer of Restaurant:

IN case of payment did by mistake or in case of any payment related issues for food ordered with Foodchow, we are not entitled to refund any amount. Restaurant Owner will be responsible for issue refund to customer for placed order in any case.

Order Approval:

FoodChow is not responsible for any kind of order cancelation or approval. Delivery time, Taxes, Delivery Charges and Delivery times are decided by the restaurant owner. Restaurant owners are only responsible for any kind of updates and changes of extra charges. FoodChow is not taking any kind of taxes or extra charges from the customers.

Communication Problems between Customer and Restaurant:

In case of misbehaviour, miscommunication or any illegal activities done by customer and restaurant registered here, we will not be responsible for any such activities as we are not taking any proof of their identity.

Blocking or Deleting your Account

If we notice any illegal activity then we have all rights to permanently Block your account without any notice and reasons.

Refund Eligibility:

Customers may request a refund through the FoodChow platform. The request will be reviewed, and if eligible, the refund will be processed using the original payment method. Refund Timeframe:

Refunds may take 5 to 7 days business days to be processed, depending on the payment method and banking institutions involved. Service Fees:

Service fees charged to restaurant owners are non-refundable. These fees contribute to the operational costs of the FoodChow platform and are separate from the transaction fees associated with payment processing.