The Best Allmenus Alternative is Foodchow

Top 10 reasons why you should use Foodchow instead of Allmenus

  • ✓ Advance Menus Panel
  • ✓ QR code Integration
  • ✓ Easy Table Reservation system
  • ✓ Free to use
  • ✓ Free Subdomain Website
  • ✓ User Friendly admin Panel

Foodchow Vs Allmenus

Features Foodchow Allmenus
Website support 🗙
Table Ordering system 🗙
Menus Panel Basic Menu Panel
Online ordering With seamless (third party App)
Marketplace 🗙
Admin Panel 🗙
Delivery zone setup 🗙
White label option 🗙
Contactless Ordering 🗙
Photo Gallery 🗙
Restaurant Facilities setup 🗙
01 Website Support Can Help You Reach More Customers

Foodchow offers a complete and functional online ordering website, which is not provided by Allmenus.

  • You don't need an existing website to use our service.
  • Our dedicated landing page will help you expand your restaurant's reach
  • All-in-one solution for managing your restaurant,
  • Customize your website's theme and colors to match your branding and style, without any restrictions.
02 Table reservation

FoodChow's table reservation system is a cool feature that makes it easy for customers to book a table at a restaurant without having to call or visit in person. Visit the restaurant's website and select the table reservation option.

  • Saves time for customers and restaurants
  • Enhances the reservation experience
  • Boosts revenue by attracting more customers and optimizing seating
03 Marketplace Expand Your Customer Base

Foodchow enables customers to enjoy convenience and accessibility by leveraging the benefits of marketplaces, while restaurants benefit from increased exposure and revenue, all at zero cost.

  • Boost your sales
  • Reach more clients
04 White Label Option for Your Restaurant's Needs

FoodChow's white label feature is a standout feature that allows you to tailor and brand our platform as your own, producing a cohesive and seamless online ordering experience for your consumers.

  • Customize to your liking.
  • Include your own logo, colors, and brand identity.
05 Contactless Ordering for Your Customers and Staff

Foodchow distinguishes itself from Allmenus with an outstanding contactless ordering system that permits customers to access an online ordering page by scanning a QR code with their smartphone camera.

  • QR codes are a convenient and secure way to order food.
  • Eliminates the need for physical menus or cash exchange.
  • A swift and easy method.
06 Setup all facilities that your business offer

FoodChow's distinctive attribute of presenting all of a restaurant's amenities on its website can provide customers with a simple way to discover the restaurant's offerings.

  • Provides useful information for planning and setting expectations.
  • Displays a strong dedication to high standards and quality.
  • Attracts customers seeking a specific service.
07 Services that Allmenus don't offer

Photo Gallery:

  • Showcase food products attractively with a photo gallery.

Table Reservation:

  • Allow customers to book tables online and receive updates on reservations.

Third-Party Delivery Integration

  • Integrate with third-party delivery services such as ShipRocket & ShadowFax.

What our clients say


"Love the iPhone App provided by FoodChow Team. My customers are coming back and ordering consistently from the app developed for my restaurant. I am able to increase my sales by running promotion during quiet times. I will highly recommend to try FoodChow Risk Free Restaurant marketing system"


Restaurant Owner - Ms. Carrie

Pittsworth Chinese Restaurant - Australia


"I have seen improvement in my sales, new customers acquisition, positive feedback from my clients since I implemented online ordering solution and app for our business. We are looking forward to start exporting our sweets to clients across the world."


Restaurant Owner - Mr. Brij Mithaiwala

24 Carats Sweets - India


“We were seeking for a platform that would enable us to drive traffic to our shop and give customers access to our menu. We chose FoodChow's free listing option to service our customers because we weren't yet prepared to accept online orders. I can recommend that anyone looking to market their restaurant for free should include it on Foodchow.”


Restaurant Owner - Mr. GJ Singh

8848 mom house - Australia

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