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What is this?

Foodchow Restaurant Manager is an easy to use mobile application that will handle all the information of the orders in just a few clicks. Every new order will be shown to the restaurant manager and then he can decide whether he wants to accept or reject the order in just one click and the user will be notified accordingly by email.


Push Notification

It is difficult to track the orders. To solve this problem, push notifications are helpful. It will notify the restaurant manager about every single order.



Our app is available for the most popular platform so if you are an android user just go to the Play store, download the application, and expand your business with more profit.


Edition is easy

It is difficult to carry a laptop everywhere so you will be able to enable or disable your restaurant items by using your mobile.


Status of the order

All orders will be categorised automatically based on their status like in-progress, or delivered. Even it has a separate section for new orders.

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Easy management of all the orders


Push notifications help to manage every single order with various options using only mobile devices.


Accepting or rejecting orders based on your convenience along with the notifications to the customers.


Once the order has been accepted, the process of delivery will be started and the status of the order will be shown to the customers directly in their application.


You can select the best driver for the delivery of the order from the list of available drivers shown in your applications.


To make sure that the order has been successfully delivered we provide real-time location of the drivers on the map.


Until and unless the order has been completed, you will receive notifications for every single change of order status by using notifications.

Single click to manage your online store and food orders



To see and access the various functionalities of the application.



Choose your restaurant and edit any food item.



You can anytime edit the availability of food items and also select any data to change.


Change Images

You can upload new attractive images or change existing ones in just one click.

Apps Available on Android Platform

To target every single restaurant owner, we have published apps in the play store so that customers can easily download and use them.


Expand your business with this online platform with cutting-edge technology.