Somewhere, the food delivery service makes an important role in the success of the online food ordering business. In this era where everything is so fast, people do not have the patience to wait. If the delivery management of your restaurant Can not punctual, there are 80% chances that your restaurant get failed in your online food ordering startup.

FoodChow Driver Delivery Management App allows you to manage the delivery and drivers of your restaurants. If you use a third-party delivery app, you are paying them too much and they also charge a commission fee on every order. You can save your 20% to 25% delivery fees by joining with FoodChow.

This driver management mainly developed for the drivers, they get all the information about the orders and restaurants.


Features of Driver & Delivery Management App

Orders Alert

FoodChow Driver Management

Whenever a new order is placed in any restaurant, all the drivers receive a notification on the delivery management app with all the details. like the restaurant in which the order Was placed, customer details, payment status. The drivers can approve or decline the delivery for the particular order. If any one of the drivers accepts the delivery, the notification will automatically be deleted from the remaining driver’s dashboard.

In-Progress Order Management

Food Progress Order Management

The number of orders accepted by the drivers for the delivery will move to the in-progress order tab automatically. The drivers can see the total number of orders and their details in this tab. If the order is already delivered the driver can click on the view details button and confirm that the food is delivered at the given destination. The drivers can also cancel the order accepted by them if they get into trouble with traffic, injury, bike problems, or any other reason.

Easy Navigation

Best Easy Navigation

If the drivers find difficulty and won’t able to find the address for some orders, they do not have to search the address on maps. FoodChow delivery management app allows the drivers to access the destination address directly from the app so they can navigate easily through Google Maps.

Order History

Food Order History


There is a separate tab for the orders which are successfully delivered. By this, you can find out the accurate data of your sales. You can predict future sales and better understand what to keep in stock during the peak times of your restaurant business. Based on this you can also go for promotions, give combos and real-time offers to encourage more sales.

Add Drivers


You can add new drivers easily with this driver manager app by taking all the important details like name, mobile no, bank account details, etc. This app also allows you to add the time of working hours in a week for each driver. Because of this, the app will automatically show you the available drivers for the current time.

Driver Status

FoodChow Dashboard

FoodChow came up with this new feature in their delivery management app where the drivers can turn on/off their activity status. If the driver status is off then no orders alert will be notified to that person. Due to this restaurants can easily able to see the availability of drivers through their active status. If the driver is on leave or stuck somewhere so he/she can easily deactivate their status to avoid unnecessary orders alert.



It will be very easy for you to keep records of your everyday deliveries and sales with the help of the FoodChow Driver Management App. It allows the user to generate the weekly or monthly reports of their restaurant business with just a single click. You can also check out your everyday transactions and business reports day-wise.



FoodChow is giving you the best marketing solution for taking your restaurant business one step ahead. You can also join FoodChow Partner Programs and extend your business much more.

So instead of using third-party apps and paying them the higher amount, get your online food ordering system for free and increase your restaurant sales by joining with FoodChow. It is a win-win opportunity to grow your online food ordering business.

He is the founder of Tenacious Techies, a leading digital agency servicing clients across the world. Till date, he has helped hundreds of businesses in developing their own website, app ideas and digital marketing. Jigar is a foodie and have developed FoodChow to help restaurants owners to grow their profit and sales. If you are looking to start your own online businesses or want to take your existing business online, contact him today.
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