Top 10 Recommended POS Systems for Businesses in Malaysia

Table of content If you’re in the retail business in Malaysia, you understand the importance of staying ahead in a competitive market. In today’s digital age, where customers have instant access to countless alternatives at their fingertips, providing exceptional service and options is paramount. That’s where having the best POS system comes into play. You […]

10 effective techniques to reduce food waste in restaurants

Table of content Table of Contents Top 10 effective techniques for restaurant Implement effective inventory management Improve portion control Train staff on food waste reduction Donate surplus food Compost food scraps Repurpose food scraps Offer customers incentives for reducing food waste Educate customers about food waste Support food waste reduction initiatives Make food waste reduction […]

The Ultimate Guide to Restaurant Management: 14 Tips for Success

Table of content Table of Contents Here is a comprehensive guide to help you get started Hire and train the right staff Create a positive work environment Develop a strong menu Control your costs Provide excellent customer service Market your restaurant Manage your time effectively Be adaptable Use technology to your advantage Get feedback from […]

Meaning, History, Example and Benefits of the Ordering System in 2023

Table of content Table of Contents Ordering system History of ordering systems Examples of the Ordering system Benefits of Ordering Systems Evolution of ordering systems in 2023 The role of technology in modern Ordering systems Impact of Ordering Systems on customer experience Ordering system best practices Asia’s top food ordering software- FOODCHOW Welcome to the […]

How Take Away Ordering Can Grow Your Business

Table of content Table of Contents Set Up an Online Storefront or Delivery Platform Create Deals and Promotions to Attract New Customers Offer Contactless Payment Options for Safety and Convenient Optimize Your Delivery Process For Quicker Turnaround Time FoodChow can help in take away ordering in several ways Take away ordering is a great way […]

How Contactless Food Delivery is Changing the Restaurant Industry

Table of content Table of Contents What is contactless food delivery? Benefits of contactless delivery for restaurants and customers. Popular contactless delivery services and their features. Future of contactless delivery in the restaurant industry. Contactless Delivery FAQ In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, contactless food delivery has become a popular option for those who […]

Marketing Ideas to Help You Grow Your Restaurant Business

Table of content Table of Contents Maintain a high level of service quality. Build a Website for Your Ordering Service Promote your delivery service on social media. Make a mobile application. Collaborate with Food Bloggers & Influencers Printing and distribution of business cards or flyers Offer Deals for Local Workspaces and Business Promote Your Services […]

Importance of Customer Data Optimization For Your Restaurant

Table of content Table of Contents Create Better Marketing Strategy Predict Future Sales Redesigning Menu Effective Discount Strategy Conclusion In this era, everything is getting automated. Technology has made human life easier and people are used to it. It is really tough and frustrating for people to work manually on paper sheets and keep the […]

Is It Necessary To Run Restaurant Ads on Social Media Platforms?

Table of content {ez-toc} In recent years, social media has become the new marketing tool for every business. The main motive behind using social media for marketing is to reach more audiences easily, just by staying active on social apps. Every small or big scale restaurant uses social media to attract new potential customers. If […]

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