Time has changed since the arrival of Covid-19. Almost every city and country in the world has gone through the lockdown. More people are placing orders online to avoid going outside. People have drawn towards Online Delivery Ordering Systems. Traditionally, Customers used to visit a restaurant, placed an order. But now most of the Restaurants only allow doing take away or deliveries. Now, this has compulsory made them adopt technology, especially for the traditional restaurants that never wanted to use technology. This blog is about How to start your own business by providing fast-growing food delivery and ordering technology.

Online food ordering systems help in notifying the right people at the right time. It is not just about flexibility. It’s about protecting the customer base by staying connected with them. There are some explosive growth examples when it comes to online food ordering websites and apps.

Growth of online food ordering system:-

The best food ordering apps around the globe are UberEats, FoodPanda, Postmates, GrubHub, Seamless, FoodChow which have made the food ordering and delivery marketplace encouraging with business ideas.

Now, the global food ordering and delivery sector stand at $95.64 billion and it is a mere 1% of the total food market. If that doesn’t make you want to start an online food ordering and delivery business then what else will?

Although this segment has experienced significant growth in many countries, there are still new demographics to cater to, new niches within the niche can be created and the world is always open for some new ideas.

What’s new:

Want more evidence? Well, if we talk about the overall food ordering market, about 42% of the orders were placed online. But it was before lockdown (Covid19). Now it has increased to 58%.

This means you have a clear chance of capturing a good market share and leverage. the advancements today to attract the remaining 42% of the users to your brand.

In addition to that, the food sector collectively has an annual growth rate of about 3.7% and interestingly, the online food ordering and the delivery segment are growing at an annual rate of 10-20%.




Need more information? Here are some interesting facts for you:

  • The food delivery market alone is expected to grow by 79% in the next 5 years.
  • The food ordering and delivery business is expected to grow by $30 billion,(from $43 billion in 2017 to $76 billion in 2022) at an annual growth rate of 12% over the next five years
  • Apart from the millennials, online ordering and delivery is also becoming a favorite among the users in the age group of 20-44
  • The top five players in this sector have a combined valuation of $11.52 billion.

Wow! That’s a lot of potentials and an untapped one. There is no better time than the present to get on online food ordering and delivery technology.

And it’s not even that tough to get started. Why? Because you can start taking online orders and delivery instantly using platforms like FoodChow.

If you own a café, restaurant, bakery, fast food, or any type of food business, FoodChow is the best online delivery/ ordering solution.

Purpose of The Online Food Ordering System:-

 food ordering system is a systematic structure to improve and simplify the efficiency of the ordering process for both customers and restaurants. It minimizes manual data accuracy and security during the order placement process.

Therefore, To maintain a healthy customer relationship for your restaurant, the ordering system generates day-to-day business analytics that makes you understand the pros and cons of your business more effectively By bringing every requirement in one place, it makes all the business operations quite easy.

FoodChow has helped various food businesses, startups, cafes, and restaurant chains to double their business revenue through food ordering and delivery. From designing to deploying an app to the App Stores, Our Mobile App Experts will take care of your requirements no matter what type of restaurant mobile app you want for your restaurant business. All you have to do is just register your restaurant in FoodChow.


food from restaurant


So, the very first questions that arrive in your mind will be:


FoodChow provides you Online Ordering Solutions you, so if you have a food delivery system but don’t have a system to take online orders. Food is the platform for you to grow your restaurant online that too with zero registration fees. Yes! You can register your restaurant on FoodChow for free. ClickHere for a free demo.

We provide restaurants a website also so the customer can directly reach to you also.

Example: www.foodchow.com/restaurant-name

Features of FoodChow:-

The features play an important role when you have to make an intuitive and easy-to-navigate website or app. Always include features which are actual need of your target audience. Make their work easy by making your online presence a naturally interactive experience. Click here to know more features of FoodChow


Online Food Ordering System by FoodChow


No Commission or Low Commission:

The other Food delivery companies charge between 15–30% of commissions for the order and delivery done from their own platform. the fees might be less depending on how good the restaurant is and how badly the food delivery companies want this restaurant onboard.

These percentages are really high, usually, normal cafes really can’t afford that. That’s why keeping that in mind we the” FoodChow” charges no commission.

 Make your own webpage:

The other food deliveries, only focus on deliveries. They do not promote your brand name, they don’t run any marketing campaigns for your restaurant, and if you tried to set up the web page by yourself then it would cost you money. But with FOODCHOW you can make your own webpage on foodchow.com.

Example: www.foodchow.com/restaurant-name   

with the help of your own webpage, you can access all your customer’s information by accepting their order. So you can easily run your Marketing Campaigns.

If you have a chain of your restaurant, or you can say more outlets then food chow can help you by creating your own website, own mobile app

(Android / IOS), own ordering system.

So you can receive delivery orders, take away orders, and Dine-in orders. Therefore, it simply creates your brand image. Your customers get to know more about and you will be noticed globally and locally.

Ordering and payment are easy

with our experience in Web And Mobile App Solutions, FoodChow makes sure to make the “Order Placing” & “Payment” feature with utmost sync and simple integrations. This helps a customer to know the functionalities easily. The customer can place an order of selected dishes and food with just a few simple taps on the screen. They just need to cross-verify their preferred dish and proceed check-out

Tracking of Drivers:

 With a real-time tracking feature, it becomes easy for restaurant owners to track delivery drivers and know their real-time location information.

FoodChow Provides the analysis for restaurant owners that provides exact information regarding your visitors, locations, abandoned carts. It even makes the business promotion process easy and engages more customers’ attention towards you.

With the help of such business insights, you can come across a list of areas where the business is doing well and where it is not. So based on this analysis, you can work easily in the weaker areas specifically for more business.




Efficient customer management:

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system comes to an entire streamline of the entire ordering process starting from order placement to order delivery.

The best food ordering apps or websites also have a reviews section, you can know more about your customers, like what they love more about your restaurant, what’s your most lovable dish, and many more.

FoodChow helps restaurant builds a marketing platform and allows you to, create some customer loyalty programs like sending marketing/promotional Emails or SMS that helps to retain your customers with you.

Enhancing your brand’s online presence helps in boosting your sales with additional new and returning customers.

Also, integrating an advanced ordering feature that facilitates customers with scheduling future orders can increase your online traffic, and business profitability.

Now, after going through the online food ordering system business guide, we assume you must have theoretically made the website or app, ready to launch. A theoretical idea is not what makes the app successful, constant improvisation with current technological trends will let you stay a long time in this hyper-competitive market.

So, cross-verify your on-demand Food Delivery App ideas with us as we are a leading Android app development company based worldwide. We have already developed different apps for different categories based on our customer’s demands. Have a look at our food delivery app like Bevy, Hungry, for more of our work, you can visit our website which is www.foodchow.com

In any case, if you have any queries related to on-demand delivery app development, app development timeline, food delivery app design, Get in Touch With Us Through Our Contact Us Form. One of our sales representatives will guide you through it. He will not only clear your doubts or queries but also, help you to understand the development process of on-demand. so this is How to start your own business by providing fast-growing food delivery and ordering technology.


He is the founder of Tenacious Techies, a leading digital agency servicing clients across the world. Till date, he has helped hundreds of businesses in developing their own website, app ideas and digital marketing. Jigar is a foodie and have developed FoodChow to help restaurants owners to grow their profit and sales. If you are looking to start your own online businesses or want to take your existing business online, contact him today.
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