Foodchow vs Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats

Food Ordering System: Foodchow Vs Zomato, Swiggy

Food Ordering System for Restaurant aka THE INTRODUCTION

Ventures like Swiggy, UberEats, Zomato, Foodpanda, Mr.Delivery, Talabat were brought into existence with an idealistic intention of bringing food to the consumers when they can’t go out to get it themselves. But somewhere down the line, all these ventures forgot about idealism and became just about profits, business deals, takeovers and mergers. In fact, dealing with these ventures feels just like that, doing business with restaurants owners and nothing else. No more is there a sense of partnership, feeling of security and equity between the restaurant’s owners and the food delivery mogul they sign up with.

“You are just a client, nothing more, nothing less and money is the only factor keeping you both together.”

Enter Foodchow – India’s most comprehensive Technology & Marketing Solutions for Hospitality Business-owners which has an equally dedicated service towards the food lovers. Don’t let the jargon intimidate you! Foodchow is basically a web and mobile-based food ordering system developed for restaurant owners and food lovers alike. Foodchow is the shiny new entrant in the school of food delivery and aims to top every test it will be given.


This comparison will cover 6 factors based on which Foodchow will go head-to-head with Zomato, Swiggy, UberEats, etc. By the end of this comparison, you will:

  • Discover how Foodchow rises above all the bigwigs of the food delivery industry by inculcating all the features of the latter and then some more,
  • Be convinced how Foodchow is the best choice for every ambitious restaurant owner and food lovers alike,
  • Discover how any eating outlet owner can substantially increase their output, public exposure, revenue and popularity quotient within a year of being affiliated with Foodchow.

Commission: Are you actually losing money per order?

                                          (COMMISSION PER SALE AND PROFIT MARGIN)

Foodchow: For the ones who are looking for long term solutions where they can expand on their own terms, Foodchow provides the best deal. While providing delivery services to the restaurant owners, Foodchow charges NIL commission whatsoever. This will enable the restaurateurs to maximise on their profits per order.

All the money you earn in a day will meet cent-by-cent in your bank account directly.

If you wish to run on your own without having to check up with your food-delivery logistics partner on every turn – Foodchow is it.

The Bigwigs: On every sale you make and every order brought to you, the bigwigs charge anywhere between 15% and 36% on the order value as commission.

For example, in a day if you receive orders averaging at ₹100 per order and you receive an average of 50 orders a day while assuming the commission is set a rate of 20% per order, you are basically parting with 1/5th of yours earning to the food delivery company you have signed up with, every day! The figure rises up if you have signed on more than one food delivery company.

This works well if you do not have any delivery boys and do not wish to provide delivery services yourself. Be ready to fish out that extra dough though!


This one depends on the restaurant owner, actually.

  • If the owner does not wish to take the responsibility of managing the logistics of food delivery i.e. managing delivery boys, customer care, etc. then they can outsource it to the likes of Zomato/Swiggy/UberEats while paying the
  • If the restaurateur is thinking long-term and would like to maximise their profits while being on top of every aspect of their venture then Foodchow is the best choice. Foodchow gives all the power to you at no extra cost!


                             (customer profiling and database management)

Foodchow: Foodchow gives control of the customer databank to the Business Owners themselves. They have freedom of contacting their customers on their own terms and preferences. The restaurateurs can reach out to their patrons individually through personalized offers and discounts using specialised marketing strategies offered by the team of Foodchow.

With unrestricted access to their customers, past orders, location, usual time of order, etc. a profile can be created of each consumer and can be utilized in forwarding custom-made deals to them.

The proprietors can market their special items/discounts/offers/rewards individually and not get clubbed together with scores of other restaurants providing a blanket-discount on any item they order, even if it is not their bestseller. It is a win-win situation for both the restaurant owners and food lovers.

customer database for restaurant ordering portal
customer database for restaurant ordering portal

The Bigwigs: Every customer information i.e. phone number, email id, address, food preferences, average ratings on each order, reviews and many such critical factors which help determine nature of the client is kept securely within the servers of the Food Delivery Companies. They are not ever shared with the restaurateur. Moreover, the bigwigs use this databank to further their own deals.

Well-sponsored restaurants tend to get higher exposure as well as getting their promo offers showcased at the top.

For instance, if 10 outlets sell Biryanis in a specific area then during the time of special discounts, the bigwigs are more likely to showcase well-sponsored restaurants on top regardless of their food quality or average ratings. It’s all about the money and who pays it more.


Foodchow! By handing the control over to the proprietors, they can give a more precise direction to their progress and reap the benefits which come from this control. The restaurant can maintain its own image in the market and gets noticed more thoroughly through the use of personalised marketing schemes based on the customer’s profile.


                  (Take Away Solution for Restaurant Owners)

Foodchow: With Foodchow, the restaurateur just needs to decide whether they want the Take-away option or not. It’s that simple! If they do then they just need to upload their menu(s) on their dedicated web-page and the takeaway option is made available to every restaurant – just like that. No commission is charged at all. The power of making a decision lies completely with the proprietor.

Foodchow enables a consumer to make use of every feature and service which a restaurant-chain can provide to them. It’s all about the ease of doing business and to expand it in every way possible.

Take away food ordering portal for restaurant
Take away food ordering portal for restaurant

The Bigwigs: Bordering on being taken as condescending but the food delivery companies were meant for one thing only. To deliver the food. That’s the field they majored in. The takeaway option is not accessible to the majority of the eateries even if they are located right next to a customer’s location. The take – away option gives The Bigwigs minimal to nil commission per order so it is naturally not supported much. Through getting the food delivered, the bigwigs rake in more dough through Delivery Charges than simple take-away. Like previously stated, it’s all about the money.


Foodchow, plain and simple. No factor should come in between a business owner and their prospective clientele, especially a factor like money/commission. The main goal here is to get hygienic and delicious food inside the human, now it doesn’t matter if the food goes to the human or the human comes for the food. Every feature related to satisfying someone’s hunger should be made accessible to the consumers and restaurant-owners alike, without bias. That is precisely what Foodchow offers to its clients.



FOODCHOW: By making the features like pre-ordering, bulk orders and catering accessible to the foodies in general, Foodchow shows us yet again that they will do anything to make everyone get along well. Foodchow enables the restaurateur:

• To promote special packages for Bulk Ordering at lower than MRP rate,

• To give access to Pre-order feature to the consumers and

• To promote Catering facility to its patrons in which a separate menu (made specifically for catering) can be uploaded by the restaurateur for ease of ordering.

Foodchow believes in ease of doing business ardently. To facilitate the above-given services smoothly and to make sure it is opted by every one of their clients, Foodchow has made all these services available at no extra cost. You have nothing to lose but everything to gain by being affiliated with Foodchow!

Food ordering system zomato swiggy catering
Food ordering system zomato swiggy catering

THE BIGWIGS: You know it, I know it, everyone knows it. None of the Bigwigs provides the facility of bulk order, pre-order or catering facility, anywhere. The customers find themselves visiting Ferns ‘N’ Petals for pre-ordering a birthday cake, visiting and making deals with multiple vendors for bulk order/catering.

Consumers are forced to visit other gifting websites separately to order paraphernalia for any celebration and/or event. There is no special discount for bulk orders and as a result, the consumers find holes burning in their pockets.


Foodchow all the way! The consumer need only visit one website/mobile app now and get all their edible requirements fulfilled whenever they want it, wherever they want it, however, they want it and to however many people they want it for. The proprietors stand to gain increased exposure, increased sales, increased revenue and most of all, a sense of contentment that they are well taken care of.


              (TABLE RESERVATIONS)

Foodchow: Table reservation is yet another useful feature which Foodchow provides to its clientele. Fully automated and easy to use, Foodchow will handle all the table bookings while leaving the proprietor free to handle the crowd during peak hours.

The customers, through Foodchow, can opt to pay a minimum booking amount to ensure that their table will be waiting for them the moment they arrive at the restaurant.

Embracing this salient feature into their arsenal has made Foodchow an all-inclusive bundle of joy where nothing gets left out!

table reservation food ordering system
table reservation food ordering system

The Bigwigs: Zomato is the only one amongst the bigwigs which provide this service as of now. Ventures like Swiggy and UberEats have yet to cover this area.

And The Round Goes To:

Foodchow. This particular attribute showcases the fact of how Foodchow is a wholesome Technology & Marketing Solutions provider for Hospitality Business Owners. While the Bigwigs tend to focus only on those areas which bring maximum revenue in the form of commissions, Foodchow focusses on the individual which will be using all the features listed. Focussing on the big picture has allowed Foodchow to think of everything it needs to make their goals a reality.

Coupons, deals, rewards, offers

Foodchow: Through Foodchow, the business owners can promote their discounts and other rewarding schemes to their clientele easily since they are in sole charge of the customer databank in the first place. It is highly recommended for restaurateurs who want to run promotions but would not like to pay the commissions on every sale they make thereafter.

The Bigwigs: The bigwigs are all about coupons, discount, offers, cashback schemes, rewards and whatnot. It is great for the consumers but presents the opposite picture for the business owners. Since they are already paying commission on every order they receive through the Bigwigs, the promotional offers add to their strain further. They may face increased sales but overall their profit margin takes a hit as they are losing money both from the commission and the discounts.

And The Round Goes To:

It’s a tie.  Where Foodchow takes care of the restaurateurs as its priority, the bigwigs win it too because of their same priority to the consumers. There is no doubt that the bigwigs have really managed to change the face of the Food Industry but the power needs to be balanced in all aspects.

Match review:

In times when the World has become all about money and capital funding, Foodchow’s entry into the Food Delivery Industry brings hope towards a brighter and self-sufficient society. The stalwarts of this industry have gained their position rightfully so but it’s time for a change. Instead of a frenzied corporate behemoth whose gaze is always on the money, the populace should give a chance to the ones who want to give the power back to the people.

Foodchow is a noble effort in that arena and is wished all the positivity in the world!

Foodchow’s User Interface, Web Designing, Operations & Ease of Doing Business!

The website is fairly simple to use. The UI (User Interface) runs smoothly and even though it is a work-in-progress, it holds great potential. Given below are the features provided in the website which makes the web-ordering for user experience simpler, faster and smoother.

1. Frontend Development, Backend Development, UX & UI

The backend development of this venture has been aimed as such that each new client of Foodchow’s gets its own dedicated web-page and URL.

  • No pesky advertisements, intrusive and unrelated promo offers distracting the customers away,
  • NIL competition deals showcased in your dedicated web-page. Your space will be your own.
  • Once the user clicks on the restaurant’s name, it will be experienced as having a separate website altogether.
foodchow restaurant website
foodchow restaurant website & URL


The user, once selected the preferred restaurant, can:

  • Order online,
  • Go through the menu first in case there are multiple demands,
  • Reserve the table when they have made up their mind to try it out,
  • No sign-up fees,
  • No monthly payments,
  • No commissions,
  • No hidden charges,
  • Get the restaurant online within 24
foodchow features
foodchow features

3. Collaboration

Introducing the collaboration feature where the user can be associated with Foodchow by sharing their reviews/ experience/ ratings in their social media handles. It is made easy with the help of one-click collaboration feature. Social media handles:

  • Facebook  Twitter  WhatsApp  Pinterest  e-Mail  Messenger LinkedIn

can be linked with User’s account and with one click, User will be able to participate in the marketing of the restaurant as well as Foodchow.

The only thing determining your popularity quotient is how willing you are to take your business to new heights. When you are signed up one of the Bigwigs, the popularity quotient is basically how much the proprietor can pay. The more they pay, the more popular they will be.

foodchow collaboration
foodchow collaboration

4. Custom made website

 Once a business owner signs up with Foochow (for free, of course!), the backend development team will build a custom website for them and imbibe every feature possibly imagines providing the user with every convenience they can offer. The team will ensure that the website runs smoother than a hot knife on butter even during heavy server traffic hours.

The website will be designed as per the restaurateur service needs, it will be loaded with the facilities they provide or would want to provide to the customers (table reservation, take-away, pre-ordering, bulk orders, catering, etc.)

5. Top-quality SEO (Search engine optimisation)

 To make sure that the search results refer to the client restaurant name on the top of the list, the backend team will provide the best SEO services. Through the usage of the most trending keywords and tags, Foodchow makes sure it comes on top of every relevant search query on major browsing platforms across a variety of operating software.

SEO - search engine optimization
SEO – search engine optimization
SEO - search engine optimization result
SEO – search engine optimization result

6. International Ordering Made Possible!

The motto ‘You just need to be willing, we will do the rest’ holds true for the team of Foodchow to the last word. If the proprietor is willing to deliver their products across international borders then Foodchow can make it a reality! A separate menu for international ordering can be drafted and uploaded to their website. The order can be booked completely online.

In cases where proprietors are unsure of the next step or need guidance in matters related to Online Delivery Protocols or Social Media expansion, Foochow will take care of their every need and engulf them with a sense of peace and contentment.

If you are looking to start your own food ordering system or want to get your own restaurant ordering website or mobile app. Check out FoodChow white label food ordering solution today.

Tenacious Techies, is a premier digital agency with clients all over the world. Jigar is a foodie who created FoodChow to help restaurant owners increase profit and sales. He has helped hundreds of companies construct their own websites, applications, and digital marketing techniques. Give us a call today if you're interested in starting your own online business or expanding your current one.
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