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Shipping and Delivery Timeline Policy for FoodChow

Overview: Our platform is designed to streamline the online ordering process for restaurants, providing them with the tools to receive orders efficiently. It's important to note that we do not handle the physical delivery of food; instead, the responsibility lies with the respective restaurant.

Order Processing Time: Orders placed through our platform are processed promptly. Restaurants aim to begin preparing orders shortly after receiving them, ensuring that customers experience minimal wait times. The exact processing time may vary based on the restaurant's capacity, kitchen operations, and the complexity of the order.

Delivery Timeline: Delivery timelines are determined by the individual restaurants participating on our platform. They will communicate estimated delivery times to customers during the checkout process. Factors influencing delivery times include:

  1. 1. Distance: The proximity of the customer to the restaurant affects delivery times. Customers in closer proximity generally experience shorter delivery times.
  2. Order Volume: During peak hours or busy periods, restaurants may experience higher order volumes, which can impact delivery times. Customers will be informed of any potential delays during the ordering process.
  3. Traffic and Weather Conditions: External factors such as traffic conditions or adverse weather may affect delivery times. Restaurants will make every effort to deliver orders promptly, but unforeseen circumstances may lead to delays.

Communication with Customers: Our platform facilitates communication between customers and restaurants. Customers will receive order confirmation emails that include estimated delivery times. Additionally, restaurants may provide updates on the status of the order, ensuring transparency throughout the process.

Order Tracking: Some restaurants may offer order tracking capabilities, allowing customers to monitor the progress of their delivery in real-time. The availability of this feature depends on the individual restaurant's capabilities.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:Customers may review our refund and cancellation policy for information on requesting refunds or canceling orders. Policies may vary among restaurants, and customers will be informed of applicable terms during the checkout process.

Thank you for choosing FoodChow for your online ordering needs!