Beat This Scorching Heat With COLD COCO Available In Surat!

What’s the best way to beat the scorching sun hanging over your head and sucking all your energy? Something cold, which can refresh you and shouldn’t make you feel sleepy.
Well, we have got right here the answers to all your problems to beat this heat.

Last night, after having my dinner I was roaming around the streets of this beautiful city, when I came across this shop which was flooded with people past mid-night. People from all age groups were gathered, with their friends and families and were restlessly waiting for something. Seeing this excitement on the faces, I also decided to give this a shot. I went to the counter and had a look at what they had to offer. I was so confused, when I heard a person standing beside me shouting for the cold coco, and several others. It was in that very moment when I also decided to order the same. I went up the up the cashier and told him to make one same for me. I then grabbed a chair and patiently waited for mine to come to me. After a few minutes, the wait was finally over. This old-school glass had this chocolaty brown colored thick syrup, which I couldn’t wait for to taste. I picked up the glass from the tray which the guy was holding, it was so chilly.

I saw around, and not to my surprise, as soon as the kids got a hold of their respective glasses they had this utmost gleeful smile on their faces, as I had on mine. I slowly took a sip out of my glass and it was magical, in the city of Surat with a temperature of near 100° Fahrenheit post mid-night, it was an escape from the heat. I could get the pieces of crushed ice in my mouth, and I couldn’t tell you enough about how I enjoyed crushing that ice in my mouth. I went back to my good old childhood days.

It was thick shake, which tasted very rich in coffee, blended well with a hint of chocolate. It was paradise in my mouth. The ice-cold thick shake, I don’t know if I really should refer to it as, and as I went on drinking that, I couldn’t finish it up. It was too much for me to empty that glass which was looking so small to me in the beginning. It took me more than 20 minutes to finish that glass, and it was bloating after that. From there it was a very hard walk to my home. But the taste quenched all my thirst, gave me huge relief from the heat and also satiated my taste buds with the utmost reception. Every now and then, at night, I walk to that place, get a half of the cold COCO, sit around for half an hour, enjoy it, and come back to my place.

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